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     Spartan Mid Mount Platform

Spartan 105ft. Tractor Drawn Aerial

Spartan Custom Pumper

Spartan's IPS-NXT offers first responders a powerful rescue-pumper combination with a compact design!

                                Spartan Commercial Pumper

Spartan 2000 Gallon Tender

Spartan/UST 3000 Gallon Tender

Spartan 75ft. Rear Mount Aerial

Spartan 55ft. Snorkel

Spartan 100ft. Rear Mount Platform

Spartan 75ft. Rear Mount Aerial

Spartan 93ft. Mid Mount Platform

Optimized Process

Peach State Emergency Vehicles is your authorized sales and service dealer for the full portfolio of Spartan Emergency Response Vehicles which includes Aerials, Pumpers, Rescues, Tankers, and Wildland units.


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