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IPS-NXT Pump Design
IPS-NXT Pump Design

The pump is positioned at the rear of the cab under the seat extension, creating a safe and more ergonomic work environment with maximum performance capabilities.

Vibra Torq Mounting
Vibra Torq Mounting

Reduces vibration and stresses on the body for a smoother ride, requires less maintenance, and leads to a longer vehicles life.

Simplified Pump Access
Simplified Pump Access

Tilt the cab to easily perform service and maintenance through the front of the body.

Tor-Max & Tri-Max Body Construction
Tor-Max & Tri-Max Body Construction

Delivers extra compartment space, reduces torsional resistance and improves structural stability.

Enhanced Manueverability
Enhanced Manueverability

The tightest turning radius and the most manueverable chassis on the market. The turning radius cramp angles range up to 53-degree and offer up to a 19-degree approach angle, exceeding NFPA 1901 standards.

Maximum Pump Capacities
Maximum Pump Capacities

Pump ratings from 750 to 2250 (single and 2-stage pumps) including ratings to 1500 GPM over 9000 feet of elevation and 1250 GPM over 11,000 feet of elevation.

Spartan IPS Powerpoint

Apparatus Basics As Pictured

Spartan Gladiator MFD 10" Raised Roof

  • Cummins X15 505HP
  • Allison 4000 EVS
  • Hale DSD 1500 GPM Pump
  • FoamPro 2001
  • One-Touch CAFS 140 CFM
  • Harrison 6.0 kw Generator

Partial List of available Options

  • 500 lb roll-out trays
  • Roll-Out Tilt-Down Trays
  • Swing-out Tool Boards
  • Reel Mountings
  • Floor matting
  • Up to a 53 degree Cramp Angle with IFS which exceeds a competitors claim of 45 degree
  • Up to 2250 GPM Pump Capacity
  • Available in short and medium wheelbase configurations
  • Available ona narrow cab with high horsepower engine
  • Full body pump in single or two-stage